Tricks That Would Help You Make Your Room Look Larger

January 14, 2019   zero comment

Living in a city has got a lot of perks and flats have come up and people are settling down. The population is rising we can’t make our places larger to our comfort but surely, we can give an illusion to our eyes with few tricks. Wall painting is a strategic work that must be executed to the best possible way. Home Décor is and art and we believe it must be custom made according to preference and tastes of every individuals.

There is no written down general rule which would be helpful for all. We have compiled few tricks that will make your room look bigger. Keep reading the article if you want to make your room look bigger than what it actually is.

  1. Use Light Colors And Clever Contrast

To make rooms brighter we usually use light colors, but as a fact it also makes the room look larger. The fact or logic behind this is that the lights get reelected with lighter colors creating an illusion. Using light colors forces you to reduce your accessories so that you can contrast your furniture and space with the wall paints. Use colors such as sky blue, off-white, and also install mirrors on walls. This gives an illusion of large and bright look to your rooms than what it is.

  1. Use Smart Furniture

Smart furniture is furniture which can multi task or can be folded after use. These type of furniture helps to create space in your room. Remove internal doors of your rooms, this creates an illusion that your rooms are large. Use console tables, convertible sofa etc. to create space in your room.

  1. Avoid Cluttering

If you want to make your rooms look bigger, avoid cluttering and over loading your rooms with abandon of things. Try to keep furniture and things in an organized manner, if the organization done appropriately in a minimalistic space occupying form, then the room gets free space and it appears to be big and large. Organize your rooms with focal points. Allocates appropriate place for your accessories and props.

  1. Create An Accent Wall

Crete accent walls the simplest way to create an accent wall is by giving a different color to the wall or you can install a bookshelf or library, you can even make an accent wall with photos as a gallery. This makes the place the first focal point and the room looks huger as accent wall creates an illusion. The basic idea of an accent wall is to make itself look different from rest of the room.

  1. Ceiling Lights

The light can create wonders if a room has a good source or opening for sunlight or if the room is well lighted, then the room looks bright and large. The ceiling lights must be well concealed so that the room looks bigger. The above tricks will help you in making your room look larger. Hope we could help you through this article.



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