Top 5 Ways To Keep Your House Warm This Winter

January 15, 2019   zero comment

According to the best home décor sites and organizations it is simple and easy to keep your house warm this winter if you start preparing on time. Heating home with heater accounts to 70% of energy consumption which is too expensive and continuing the use for 4 months is more horrific. In this article we have come up with some classic ideas to keep your house warm this winter. Keep reading to know about the tricks.

  1. Use Screens And Curtains

Block the cold air or wind from entering your house by blocking the ventilations of the house with curtains and screens. These screens and curtains would not only keep your rooms warm but it will also give your home a great pleasant look. When its dark shut your windows, doors and pull up the curtains or screen to give it another layer of insulation to keep your home warm.

  1. Use Thermostat

These are product that will sense your room temperature and maintains it on the set temperature so that you feel the right atmosphere in your rooms. This device works in a closed loop system. If you are already using it or an older version is installed then try to replace it with the latest model.

  1. Use Foils

Foil helps in preventing the heat loss from radiators, especially from those which are attached on wall or are exposed to nature. Use reflective aluminum foil to prevent the heat loss. Even aluminum foil in your kitchen can be used, this technique is cheap as well as has an easy access to all. Even insulate the pipes in your home to prevent waters from solidifying and to keep the heat on.

  1. Double Glazing And Drought Free

Double glazing is an expensive trick but if you can’t afford it, why not fake it. A special type of films a re available in market which you can use as glaze to your house windows. Keep your doors to gazed and drought free so that heat does not escape from your home and your house is always warm. Drought free and double gazing is a must do during or before the winters arrive.

  1. Chimneys

Now a day’s chimneys are more of decoration that a source of warmth. If you are using your chimneys to keep your house and yourself warm then well and good, but if the chimney in your house is unused then try to cover it with laminated chimney balloons as research say an open chimney makes the heat escape from your house.

Hope this article was helpful for you.



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