Ten Latest Home Décor Trends

January 12, 2019   zero comment


The new year brings new trend, it’s the season of winter hence the new cozy home furnishing trends are around. To know about these latest trends keep visiting the site on Interior design ideas Porthcawl. The following articles states the 10 latest trends of home décor available in the market.

  1. Oversized Florals

Who doesn’t like flowers. The latest trend of Home Décor is large sized flower prints on wall and furniture. Mural wallpapers and charcoal flooring in floral is the latest trend for home furnishing.

  1. Modern Neutrals

This is the new trend that is a combination of new elements that has natural looking furniture and products to give a feel and to create a natural atmosphere at home. These include rock stools, bamboo spun ceiling lamps etc.

  1. Stone Sinks

These are the latest trend in market. people now a days are installing sinks made of pebbles, stones with resin. It gives a glass effect but its strong and durable in comparison.

  1. Velvet

Velvet furniture and other velvet home furnishing products are now a days used rampantly as it gives a classy look to the house. Velvet does not create a confusion in the mind of users its of different color but of same texture.

  1. Vintage Lighting

This is never out of fashion. Old is gold. Now a day’s people are preferring to use lights that resembles gas lamps and it gives a spooky vintage yet classy look to the house. Vintage lighting is a must if you have a renovation plan of your house this year.

  1. Metallics

These are new in trend yet the best. Metallics are the new trend for kitchen and washrooms. It is mixing metallic or semi metallic products to decorated kitchen and bathrooms and to give it a classy edge.

  1. Global Nomad

This trend comes under themed home décor. In this trend people use clay pots beads woolen bedcovers to give their house a nomadic look. Its energizing trendy and long lasting. This trend of Home Décor Ideas is always in fashion.

  1. Minimalistic Furnishing

The minimalistic approach of home furnishing is all about keeping thing lesser than your space so that your house gets a classy luxurious look. This trend is affordable yet gives your home a great look.

  1. Concrete Furnishing

This is referred to the use of concrete made furniture and products for decoration of home. The best feature of this trend is concrete casted products have higher longevity and it can be customized.

10.Outdoor Like Setup

The new trend followed is setting up or decorating the interior of a house in outdoor like setup. That is to furnish the interior of the house with concrete chairs tables. Rough unpolished wood furniture etc. Keep taking assistance for home decoration from us.



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