Free Interior Designing & Decorating Pointers styling Your Home and building

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Interior design is the practice of space planning and designing f interior spaces in homes and buildings. It involves creating floor plans, furniture layouts, and designing the look and feel of a space. The interior design also includes the specification of furniture, fixtures, and finishes, and coordination of their installation.

There’s nothing more important than paying attention in details. Here, I am sharing Free Interior Design & Decorating pointers styling Your Home and building from our archives and tips from top designers to help you make sense of what good design really means. If you are mastering a few basic decorating principles and putting your creativity to the test, you will enjoy in your home which is both comfortable and stylish.

Rearranging your bookshelves:

You may organize 60 percent books vertically and 40 percent horizontally on the shelves. This creates balance spontaneity and shows off the back of the bookshelf if it’s lined with a decorative fabric. You can stack horizontal books lower than vertical ones. The vertical books maybe 12 inches tall. You can add green plants to soften the bookshelf, but you should avoid flowers, which can look distracting.

Hanging of artworks:

Most people hang artwork too high. Place a piece so its bottom is only three to eight inches above furniture—lower for large pieces and slightly higher for small pieces. When there’s too much space between furniture and painting, the eye rests on the void and blank wall between the two pieces.

Lighten up your room:

The darker the walls they’ll come towards you, so there’s a reason why so many of us reach for the white paint. It makes rooms larger. In this beautiful Swedish summer house inspired apartment, the small kitchen area looks bright and spacious. The lack of window treatments also lets maximum light.

Use decorating mirrors:

Mirrors are one of the simplest ways to create the illusion in a larger room, particularly if it is placed directly opposite a window. In this interior design trends, a large round retro style mirror makes a bold statement in the hallway.

Place a rug based on its size:

The size of the rug will dictate how you arrange furniture around it. With an eight-by-ten-foot rug, situate the sofa and any chairs so that the front legs of each are somewhere on the rug but the back legs are not. With a five-by-eight-foot rug, keep the sofa completely off, but still place the front legs of the chairs on it. In a large family room, use two rugs to create two separate living areas.

Adding a hanging pot holder:

Kitchens are meant to be warm and inviting. We spend much of our time in them while preparing meals, serving meals or entertaining. A hanging pot rack is a useful elegance. Kitchens are meant to feel as though they are in constant use and a hanging pot rack certainly makes one feel this way. In addition, to look so wonderful, there are many sizes and styles available and additional cupboard space is now freed up to store other items. Seldom anyone has complained of having too much storage.



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